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What are the best applications to invest in the stock market for Android and iOS? 2022 list

What are the best applications to invest in the stock market for Android and iOS? 2020 list

Previously, the purchase and sale of investments and shares could be made by making a phone call to a stockbroker who provided his services for a high price, that is, it was not economical at all to manage to execute your transaction actions . But fortunately, today this is much easier thanks to technology . Taking into account that investing in the stock market is a fundamental part of the financial planning puzzle for almost all people and also, is an excellent way to acquire additional income , to obtain significant benefits from money that you are not using or even preparing for your retirement.

In this sense, thanks to the great development of technology, it is easy to start investing online and also keep up with specific actions and with the market in general. Since through a series of financial sites, you acquire the ability to easily track the market on your Smartphone or Tablet with some applications that are especially dedicated to it. Which, can assure you to always be in your favor.

That is why with this post, we will announce the operation and the most special features of a list of applications that allow you to invest in the stock market , from the comfort of your home or Anywhere you are. Best of all, these software are available for Android and iOS devices and thus, will help you remarkably keep track of the ups and downs of the market at any time during the day and well, every day of the year.

The 12 best apps to invest in the stock market for Android and iOS

Next, we list the best applications you can use to invest in the stock market , either on an Android or iOS device. Thus, it is important to note that this section we offer you after analyzing each of the apps that we indicate here, taking into account that have the best specifications for you :

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finanzas

Today, one of the most famous sites on the Internet to obtain financial information, is the Yahoo Finance app that is considered a great resource for this market. She is able to track specific actions in real time , just by adding a spy list to receive personalized news about certain companies .

Added to that, Yahoo Finance gives you graphics that you can see in full screen by simply placing the mobile device in landscape mode. Which, no doubt, provide more accurate information about the actions and also allow you to compare the different options you have .

Another advantage of this application is that it exhibits the ability to provide information on currencies , raw materials , bonuses , global stocks and markets . And in addition, Yahoo Finance users can easily follow more than 100 different cryptocurrencies , including the Bitcoin that is the best known in the world.

As for its design, it presents a very attractive interface and as a nice touch, you can synchronize your personal stock between several devices .

StockTwits – Stock Market Chat

StockTwits - Stock Market Chat

Better known as “ StockTwits ”, this app allows you to chat with other traders and investors who help you to better evaluate the market and thus, analyze where you can go Your investments In addition, together with a general market chat, there is an investor chat on each specific stock page.

For its part, the social application shows you a list of special trends where locates the specific actions of market observers that are among the most popular . In this way, make up or down movements to better exemplify what is happening in the market and around the main investors. In short, you can find automatic stock lists that help you better explore the market and discover a new business idea .

On the other hand, StockTwits has a full cryptocurrency section , provides a fully updated earnings calendar and can connect to big name brokerage accounts like E-Trade and Fidelity Investments , to make transactions directly from the app .

This app presents a simple way to keep track of worldwide actions, perfectly . offers live quotes and also graphics for more than 100,000 different stocks in more than 70 different global exchanges . In addition, it shows information regarding raw materials, currencies, bonds, interest rates, multiple business alternatives, among others.

For its part, it is software capable of creating and customizing a specific portfolio to monitor actions and many more aspects of interest, such as bonds. It also allows market observers to receive alerts adjusted to their interests with a specific price, percentage changes and volume. Moreover, in the app you can set up alerts for an economic event or a real-time news analysis article.

Real-Time Stocks Tracker

Real-Time Stocks Tracker

This software provides live broadcast information and exhibits the ability to create and spy multiple watch lists and action portfolios . It is known that Real-Time Stocks Tracker is compatible with the main brokers in the United States and therefore, while keeping track of stocks, you can swipe to buy or sell directly from the application .

In addition, on the page of each action, it provides a remarkable amount of information that adds technical indicators and different comments . It also has a stock scanner where you can copy a number of customizable variables, including up to the price, market capitalization and other features to find the perfect stock for you .

Another of its most relevant features is that supports a series of configurable alerts and its users can set the price of an indicated stock to be displayed as a distinctive of the app.



This is another of the most recommended apps to monitor the market and invest in the stock market. With StockSpy you can create various groups of securities or grouped bonds , which are adjusted to a specific category or according to your interests. Added to this, offers live stock information around the world , as does real-time quotes .

As for its interface, is simple to use and exhibits the advantage of visualizing data in landscape mode , that is, you can see everything very clearly. It is also multiplatform and provides its users with excellent technical analysis attached to their tastes or limitations.



This is an application that gives you attractive stock market news, market data and information about hot springs of this type, in real time . There you can connect every day and share ideas, receive notifications with important market alerts and economic information , view financial data in detail and monitor new and pending orders.

For its part, Bloomberg gives you the option to read, download and share various research reports. Like analyze and manage the performance of your portfolio in real time , and find information very quickly looking for specific content.

Plus 500

Plus 500

It is an application with a very elegant, intuitive and easy to use interface. So Plus 500 is considered as the perfect tool for all people who are starting in the world of finance . From it, you can not only work with securities but also with currencies and even raw materials .

One of the best features of Plus 500 is that it allows you to simulate the portfolio of securities , so that you can give your users more confidence in the face of possible results. Taking into account that it is permissible to apply the simulation to the real world and immediately start earning money through your mobile or Tablet.

In addition, the app gives you the ability to buy and sell CFD online , have real-time quote information, rely on useful graphics and also features multi-language support.



It is another of the applications that the experts in the field use the most, since ensures great results for long-term investors . From Infobolsa, it is possible to see how the value of each action varies, in real time . In addition, it has a section of news that keeps you aware of what happens instantly, especially around variations in the risk premium and interest rates .

Infobolsa is also able to analyze and verify, by means of graphs, the different fluctuations of the values ​​. As well as informing you in detail, about what happens in the financial world nationally and internationally . Another of its capabilities, is to give recommendations of the securities that are best quoted in the market , at the time and ultimately, it is considered an excellent online stock market simulator.

Stock Watch

Stock Watch

While it is true, this app has won many awards as one of the best applications to track your investments in the stock market . First of all, because it is very simple to use and has extremely enriching characteristics.

One of these features of Stock Watch , is that it displays unlimited lists with various features , more than 150 currencies, an added calculator, full screen graphics, a section of global news and in short, it is a perfect alternative if you want to become an expert in the world of the stock market .

As a curious fact for iOS users, this app is also available on Apple Watch and can be used with total normality on these devices.



It is a free application with several very complete options, some of them are real-time quotes , the historical graphs of your activity and the possibility of have up to 25 securities portfolios , if you wish.

On the other hand, in Teletrader you can check prices and quotes of : indices, stocks, commodities, futures, currencies, bonds and interest rates. Also, in it, the data is synchronized and updated automatically , as well as the news that is modified every two minutes, according to the latest updates.

Ibex 35 Simple

Ibex 35 Simple

This has become the national and international benchmark of the Spanish Stock Exchange and also the underlying asset of a large number of financial products. Ibex 35 Simple , presents its users a lot of comfort and elegance, attached to great speed and offers news in real time, directly on MT5 .

Among other alternatives, it provides as beneficial options as program specific alerts on securities , receive fully reliable information of new market openings, add add charges and dividends to each of your actions and be able to monitor the history of operations done . It also has excellent conditions for deposits and withdrawals .

Finally, it is an application c with a totally free version that you can use wherever you want . But if you are an enemy of the annoying advertising in this type of software, you can choose to use the paid version that integrates the possibility of making the income declaration automatically . p>



This program works as an intermediary to buy and sell on behalf of third parties, up to 5,000 securities listed on the US stock exchanges . Which means that it does not act on its own and also integrates financial support from Google Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz .

For its part, RobinHood provides all its users with real-time information on the stock market and when selling and buying shares, does not impose commissions within the app .

As for how it works , you must synchronize a bank account in any entity with a RobinHood account and this is how you can transfer the funds necessary to execute the sale of securities and purchase orders .

Among other important features, we find that has SSL encryption and PIN authentication , which looks very beneficial for users. In addition, it offers a completely personalized list with your interests so that, nothing escapes you and in it, you can place limits and stops with the aim of not losing everything .

Finally, through an original color set of the application, you can know for sure when markets are open or closed .

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