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How to use Discord with Minecraft, LOL, Fortnite, Counter Strike and other video games? Step by step guide

Discord is a successful platform. Much of it comes from its many communities. To know how to use Discord with Minecraft, LOL, Fortnite, Counter Strike and other video games, keep reading this step by step guide.

Discord’s communication system allows you to chat by text, voice and video with your server. However, the application has other interesting features, such as broadcasting videos, sharing games or carrying out remote events.

Likewise, In addition to its multiple functions to improve the gaming experience, it also has the Overlay function, for what Discord do not interrupt your online games at any time.

Learn step by step how to use Discord while playing your favorite games on your PC

Learn step by step how to use Discord while playing your favorite games on PC

Discord is a totally free communication application, compatible with a large number of video games.

Then learn step by step how to use Discord while playing your favorite games:


Minecraft is one of the games open-world most popular today. Developed by Mojang, and distributed by Microsoft, has become one of the favorites among gamers.

With your Discord account, you can create a server to communicate with your friends as they build your world:

  • Click on the gear icon to enter user settings.
  • On the menu, activates the Overlay function, with which some elements of Discord appear superimposed on the screen.
  • Use the customization menu to toggle the lock on the Overlay, adjust the size of the avatar, show names, show users, and other options.

On the other hand, Minecraft has an official Discord server, in which players can join the community and form new relationships to create new worlds.


LOL is the acronym for League of Legends, the name of the famous online game. Using Discord during games not only allows you to maintain better communication with your team through the Overlay, but you can also have video calls.

To create a video channel on a new server, or one that you already have created, you must carry out the following steps:

  • Right click on the channels section from the server.
  • Choose the option “Create channel”.
  • Click on the gear icon next to the name of the new voice channel.
  • In the channel settings, you must click on “Permissions”. In that section, go to the section “Voice permissions”.
  • Enable the video option.

You also have the option of broadcasting the game in two different ways through a video channel:

  • Video: In your video channel, you can select the video option to make a transmission with a webcam or with the mobile camera.
  • Screen: It allows you to share live on the channel the screen of any game, application or folder that you are running at the moment. So you can stream your best games.


Fortnite is another of the great heavyweights of the video game industry today. Developed with Epic games, Fortnite has millions of players worldwide, across platforms such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS.

With Discord you can stay in touch with your fellow gamers, at all times and at all times. With the help of the Overlay, you have the option to chat by text, voice and video with the members of your server. Also, you can choose the associated screen in case you play on consoles. If you want to show your Fortnite skills to the rest of the members of your server, you can share screen with a video channel.

To do it, you just have to:

  • On your video channel, click on the option “Screen”. You can find it at the bottom left of the screen.
  • Start sharing your best plays of Fortnite.

Counter strike

Counter strike is a classic among online gamers. Its team battle mode makes it a highly addictive game for the most competitive users. If you want to try your luck with other people worldwide, you can join any server intended to play Counter Strike games.

Discord is a platform that relies primarily on servers. If you want to take advantage of all the advantages offered by the application, it is time to start looking for servers in which to play Counter Strike. On the Internet you can find numerous portals that provide the addresses of Discord dedicated to Counter strike. You can browse through or to find one of your preference. Then, click on the server link so you can accept the invitation and start playing.

Call of duty

In last place is Call of Duty, a shooter category video game which has become a favorite thanks to its version for mobile devices. The best way to get the most out of it, is using the official version of Discord, which you can easily find from Google play.

The platform Discord has versions for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. You can also get it for Android and iOS. Though Call of duty It has a native communication system, it is better to use a specialized application, regardless of where you are playing from.

Find out how to link your Discord account with your PlayStation, Xbox and other consoles to use it with all your games

Find out how to link your Discord account with your PlayStation, Xbox and other consoles to use it with all your games

Among the many tools of Discord is the possibility to link your profile with your favorite consoles.

Here’s how to link your Discord account to your PlayStation, Xbox, and other consoles for use with all your games:


The flagship console of Sony does not have an official version of Discord. For this reason, the only way to link both platforms is through an audio mixer, headphones with an optical cable that support USB connections and finally a USB cable.

Let’s see:

  • You must connect one end of the optical cable to the audio mixer, and the other to the console. Make sure the mixer is in console mode.
  • Enter the PS4 menu and select “Setting”.
  • Press the tab “Sound and screen”. Here you need to configure the audio output.
  • Change main output to optical output. Then you must choose an audio format.
  • Return to menu “Setting” and now enter “Devices”.
  • Open the audio device. Verify that the headphone output appears as “Audio chat”.
  • Pair your computer with the audio mixer. To do this, switch the mixer to PC mode. Then connect it via USB.
  • From the computer open the Discord app.
  • Change voice input settings. This way you get the audio mixer to be detected.
  • Necessary connect the 3.5mm cable from the mixer to the PC to receive audio through headphones. This way you get the sound to be redirected to the mixer.
  • In “Output devices” you must select the computer speakers.
  • Enjoy your games in the PlayStation 4 chatting on Discord.


Connect Discord on your Xbox One console It is a fairly simple process, since the application has a version compatible with the Xbox.

The steps to follow are:

  • Go to Xbox One menu.
  • Choose “Setting”.
  • Press “Social media accounts.”
  • Choose and link your Discord account with the Xbox One.
  • The system generate a PIN, which will only be active for a limited time, which must be entered in the App of Discord.

Nintendo Switch and PSP

With regard to portable consoles such as Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation Portable, you should know that they do not have official versions of Discord. Therefore, our recommendation is that use the desktop app or mobile app when they are playing from your consoles.

Discord Overlays Learn how to set them to activate while you play!

Discord Overlays Learn how to set them to activate while you play!

A function of Discord that we have commented at the beginning of the article is the Overlay. In simple terms, this is an overlay option in-game. At any time you can activate the Discord Overlay to incorporate text and voice channels into your games.

Learn how to configure them to activate them while you play:

  • Open the Discord App and click on the gear icon to access the user settings.
  • The configuration section appears on the screen. Go to the corresponding section “Application settings” and click “Overlay”.
  • Enable the Overlay activating the checkbox “Enable the overlay within the game.”

Apart from that, on the right side of the screen it is possible define the keyboard shortcut available for the overlay. For its part, in the lower part several customization options are displayed to adjust avatar sizes, display names, display users and notifications of the Overlay.

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