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Slack Tricks: Become An Expert With These Secret Tips And Hints – 2022 List

Slack is a portal that currently has a lot to talk about. However, there is much more that you do not know. For this reason, this time we will talk about the Slack tricks. Become an expert with these tips and advice.

The application allows you to create workspaces to hold meetings and work with greater fluidity and organization with your team. Forget about using email and WhatsApp groups. Slack makes everything much more practical.

Although the platform offers numerous features, it’s up to you to get the most out of it. So read on to learn the secrets of Slack.

List of the best Slack tricks to get the most out of this work tool

Slack is a very useful platform for setting up professional workgroups. Although at first it can be overwhelming, its handling is quite simple. The goal is to balance your daily activities with your work on the web.

That is why we share a list with the best Slack tricks to make the most of this work tool:

Hide channels and contacts

Login to “Preferences” and then click “Advanced Options” to finally access “Channel list”. From the drop-down menu in this section, select “Hide channels” and “Contacts”. The function is in charge of archiving those channels and contacts that are inactive (unless they are highlighted) to clear your sidebar space. When a message arrives from one of these channels, it will be highlighted again in the bar.

Highlight channels and contacts

Next to the name of each channel is the star icon. You can click on the star to mark as “Favorites” to the channels and contacts you want to highlight. Channels are now located at the top of the sidebar, so you have quick access at all times.

Mute emails

Enter the section “Bill”. Then click “Notifications” and access in “Additional configuration”. At this point, head over to the button “Expand” in section “Email Preferences.” Here, locate the section “Email notifications” and check the box “Never”. This ensures that you are not disturbed by unnecessary notifications.

Uncheck update emails

Go to the section “News and updates by email” and uncheck the box “Email me with news and tips from Slack.” This ensures that your inbox only receives messages of more importance.

Receive only important notifications

If you want to highlight your direct messages or keywords, you just have to go to the section of “Notifications” from the tab “Preferences”. There you will need to click on “Notification settings”. Find the button with the radio icon and select it. By default, the feature is active. In that same menu you will find the option “Highlight words”.

Organize your channels

You are likely to be a part of numerous workspaces. However, it may also be the case that the vast majority are inactive, or do not interact enough. Channels clutter up the sidebar, so it can be quite a hassle. You can leave a channel at any time by clicking on the icon “Settings”, and then you press the button “Leave”.

Mute noisy channels

If you are part of a channel that is very active, but you do not need it at the moment, you can mute their activity so that their notifications are not annoying. With a muted channel, you will still be able to sign in, read, and reply, but you will not receive any notification. In the icon drop-down menu “Settings” the button is located “Silence”.

Uncheck the pop-up feature

Everytime that open the Slack app, the system asks if you want to change your status ‘Absent’ to ‘Active’. For some users, this frequent verification can be uncomfortable. For disable it, you can do it from the same dialog window. You just have to check the box “Do not ask again, please”.

Pin important messages

In the channels or direct messages you can find information that is probably very useful. If you don’t want to lose sight of her in the chat, you have the option to pin messages. Press and hold the message of your interest and then press the button “Pin up”. You can quickly access pinned messages from the section “Channel details”. It’s located on the left side of the search box.

Jump between channels or contacts with shortcuts

Slack count with one shortcut system via the keyboard to carry out quick tasks. For example, you can use the keys Ctrl + K, or cmd + K If you are an OS X user, to switch between one channel to another immediately. You only need to enter the name of the channel or private group to join the conversation of your interest in a matter of seconds.

Move between channels

Use the Alt + Arrow key combination Directional Down, or Directional Up Arrow to navigate between the many channels. In case of being an OS X user, you must use the Option keys + Directional arrows.

Edit comments in real time

If you have sent a message ahead of time, you can edit it quickly by pressing the up arrow key. You immediately have the option to correct any defects in your most recent release. When everything is ready, and you have read it twice, press “Enter” to send.

Mark all conversations as read or unread

In the event that you want to disappear a bit from the platform, you can mark conversations as read without the need to enter the channels. You just have to press Shift + Esc to carry out this function. To mark them as unread, press Alt + left click. In the case of OS X, it’s Option + left click.

Hide the flex panel

Slack has a floating panel on one side. For some users it can be visually uncomfortable. Fortunately, you have the option to hide it. You just have to press the key Ctrl +. (Point). If you are an OS X user, press cmd +. to hide the flex panel.

Know all the shortcuts

Slack offers a wide variety of shortcuts for different functions. For a quick summary of each one, press the Ctrl + / (slash) keys. For OS X, use the combination cmd + / to get the list of shortcuts.

Use search modifiers

A search modifier allows you to find conversations much faster.

There are many modifiers, but the most used are:

  • Of: [Nombre de usuario]
  • For: [Canal o Nombre de usuario]
  • In: [Canal o Nombre de usuario]

Exclude results that don’t interest you

Slack it allows you exclude search results with which you do not wish to interact at the moment. To do this, enter the section of “Preferences” and then press “Look for”. In that menu, type the name of the channel you want to avoid and select it to exclude it from the search bar.

Use commands to send direct messages

The platform Slack also integrates using commands to access other functions. For example, you can make use of the command / dm @nombredeusuario to send a direct message instantly. You can also use the / absent command to vary your status.

Keep mentions pinned

Mentions are a fundamental part of Slack. In order not to lose the messages in which you are mentioned, you can go to the section “Mentions and reactions” clicking on the at icon (@) found on the right side of the search box. There you will find the mentions you have received from all the channels or private groups.

Remember to use the Slackbot

The Slack bot is an efficient tool that will help you with multiple tasks at once. He Slackbot is your personal assistant, so you can ask it to send you reminders. Also, everything you write in the bot’s message area will only be visible to you. So you can use that space as a personal notepad.

To schedule a reminder, click on the context menu icon (three ellipsis). It is located on the side of the message. Select a time period and then press “Remind me about this.”

Learn about the best alternatives to Slack to work as a team and improve your productivity

Learn about the best alternatives to Slack to work as a team and improve your productivity

While Slack It is a complete platform that offers numerous advantages, it is not the only one available on the web today.

Here are the best alternatives to Slack to work as a team and improve your productivity:

Microsoft Team

It is an application to create workspaces developed by Microsoft. In addition to its basic functions, it is easily integrated with the products of the Office 360 ​​suite, allowing you to share any type of files with ease. It also incorporates features such as channels, private messages, audio and video calls, screen sharing, and much more.

The application is available for both web, desktop and mobile devices. It offers a free plan with no time limits. Provides space for 300 users, 2 GB of storage per user and unlimited messages.

Facebook Workplace Group

Belonging to the business division of Facebook, this application offers a wide variety of functions. Its main features include channels, private messages, screen sharing, the ability to show the timeline, live video, and more. Each group has individual visibility, which gives it the look of a forum.

Likewise, each group has a separate chat room. In rooms you can share GIFs, send voice notes, and take surveys. Your free plan offers 5 GB of storage for each user group video conferences of up to 20 participants and unlimited messages.


In the last place is the tool Chanty. A free real-time collaboration platform. In addition to incorporating the basic functions, it also allows assigning tasks and holding video conferences, ideal for small businesses.

It offers public communication channels, private messages, search with artificial intelligence, among other things. Chanty’s interface is quite comfortable and simple. In addition, its use intuitive for new users. Your free plan until 20 GB storage per team, task management, third-party integrations, unlimited messages and supports up to 10 users.