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What are the best email applications to integrate with Slack and further empower this tool? List 2022

With all the technological advances in recent years, applications for Android and for other devices they have made the market, companies and organizations look at the need to apply new current tools for your internal communication. Before, e-mail was used more frequently, which is still very important and an indispensable work tool for the majority of the population; however with all the boom in applications, many have opted for the use of them.

One of the most downloaded and used by different business corporations is the Slack application, Since it has a very comfortable design, easy to handle files, adding that it contains communication channels that flow internally configured in the way that the user needs. You also have many options like linking applications, example: Trello, Skype among other.

The application has chat rooms, even with private conversations; further You have the option of uploading files, images, making calls, highlighting messages as task reminders, or a specific goal to accomplish. It is undoubtedly a helpful tool that we can all use, regardless of whether we are a small corporation or for another personal function.

List of the best email apps you can integrate with Slack to empower your workspace

There are many benefits of Slack, among them is the integration of some applications that facilitate the work. And they considerably complement the productivity and speed of it.

Let’s see some of the most recommended and useful that so far work very well with the app:

It is an online platform widely used to exchange a considerable amount of documents and files that are managed by different corporations, This application facilitates our work efficiently, easily and safely.

In your configuration you have the option to store personal accounts for free. To link it with Slack, There are two ways, since box is divided into two applications with joint functions, the recommendation is always to download both for greater functionality. Some of the benefits are the files that can be shared with Slack and the visualizations are done in box directly online. Too, documents can be added to Slack channels via box.



It is a well-known application with functions very similar to that of box, since you have the option of uploading documents to a cloud where they are safely stored; and this helps that it can easily be downloaded from any other device, in the same way it can be shared with other users. In use with Slack the communication that exists between sending messages predominates, in addition to the integration that it has of sending files.

Microsoft OneDrive

One Drive

It is a service that was implemented approximately 6 years ago until today, considered as an extension of emails. It is also one of the first platforms used to securely archive or store documents, photos and videos online.

These files can also be downloaded anywhere in the world, as long as you have access to the account and the internet. The link to the Slack app is pretty easy to do taking into account that there is already the option to do so. And among the best known benefits is the secure exchange of each file that is shared online.



It is an online platform that has developed its own application for devices Android. Widely used by companies, smaller corporations, and for individual projects. It consists of assigning tasks where you can see three bars, one for assignment, another for process and finally the one for culmination.

It is very useful to have control of each user and the processes that are carried out in the application. It has a range of colors that can be used in favor of each task or project that is carried out, this leads to a good interaction between users. With Slack is very recommended to order and complete the bars or boards, plus access to completion dates.



An application that also has the platform mode, widely used for teamwork, review of work or pending tasks, and it is very important that communication is fluid without interruptions. In Slack They usually link it by the update it allows in the Slack channels and by the interaction of the users.

Microsoft To-Do


Selective application used as a Microsoft complementary tool, employed online and very comfortable to perform tasks, attach documents, place deadlines or commemorations. It connects very simply with Slack, and it is used like others mentioned above, for exchange of tasks, reminders, future assignments etc.

Cisco Webex


It is a recommended platform that is usually used online for calls, teamwork, assemblies, and interactions between different companies. It is widely used, since protects the data of the members, it does it safely and with extreme encryption. When connecting with Slack You have the option of entering the application channels and achieving excellent communication with users.

Simple Poll


Slack app extension that it has more specific functions; And it is widely used to conduct surveys. This helps the work group to communicate and thus be able to have the opinions of each user in an orderly manner.


It is described as a portal o tool that helps to create projects, so that each user has access and can contribute to the codes and content they have. One of the main functions for which it is sought and used is to host the codes from the developers of many applications. By integrating into the platform Slack, With this application you can get notifications of each of the events held on different channels.



It is highly recommended and downloaded by its extensive functions between applications and your online tasks, in the same way because of the connection between some integrated programs, plus the interaction of files from other platforms. It has been and will continue to be too useful for Slack by the way of exchanging information in everyday jobs.

Learn about the best applications that you can integrate into Slack to get the most out of this tool

There are several applications that can be very useful to work together with Slack, for greater satisfaction, most are free; in the same way there are some applications with paid mode that includes other very good functions.

Here are some of them:



It is an application with a great boom in 2022, it has become one of the most used today due to the great function it has as meeting through video calls; the objective of Slack with its users is to bring together your work team.

The great ease of holding meetings helps them to achieve fluid communication, and therefore a satisfactory job is done. Zoom can be downloaded to devices Android, also be easily linked to Slack and from there create the meeting rooms in video call.

Google drive

Google drive

It is classified as a service that is responsible for sharing files, to be able to access them from any part of the country where you are, or in the workplace; is used very often as a safe and reliable storage; And best of all, it’s free.

When connected with Slack you begin to receive notifications of any news, updates, saved files or any request to share stored information with another user. Advantageous because Notifications can be activated or deactivated to suit the client. Another of the most important functions it shares is that easily exchange documents from one app to the other.



It is a website that is not well known in general, but it is widely used by different types of netizens who are looking for their requirements. One of the main functions is create updated statistics in a simpler way. In this way, any user who manages the network can have knowledge of the performance and status of the website; To achieve this, they release important data from some of the websites you run.

When used in combination with Slack, give you information on data updates, they keep track of how the network you are using is doing, and notify if you have more or fewer visits each month.



It is a platform with a high potential used by companies. Its main task is the realization of quick reports of all the personnel. While the managers work, the platform is in charge of structuring the follow-up of the tasks carried out, in the same way it deals with managing the entire team in scheduled meetings synchronized with the application of Slack.

Also the boards you own, They help give you an analytical and overview of all the tasks to be completed. This will certainly help to give a clearer view of the entire work team.



Was considerate a virtual assistant which was highly prominent until 2019, but its creators decided to shut it down and take it off the market for no apparent reason. It was normally used in conjunction with the application of Slack because one of his biggest tasks was to schedule meetings through the calendar.