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What are the best Outlook widgets for Android and iOS and how can we activate them? Step by step guide

The widgets are very important elements that provide easy access to various applications, they are of various types and fulfill different functions, all this in order to simplify many tasks and make life much easier and more practical.

In the case of Outlook, in its version for mobile devices, are the perfect point to make this app a tool that allows not only send and receive emails, but also for you to develop other activities that are linked to your email, can facilitate its execution through these widgets.

In this article, you will know in depth what a widget is and the benefits of using them in Outlook, you will also learn to activate them both in Android like in iOS, Y you will know the best widgets that Microsoft brings to the Outlook mobile application.

What is an Outlook Widget?

Best Outlook widgets on Android

These are built-in tools that allow quick access to different functions that maximize and enhance the use of Outlook to all users, they can help you in various tasks, just by clicking on them. On the other hand, widgets help you customize the application, using elements that only you can use, according to the needs you have permanently.

Benefits of using an Outlook Widget

Outlook is a platform that is constantly updated, in order to offer users better functions, That is why its widgets are part of that advance, which makes you give the application better use. In this sense, you will know what benefits are obtained when using an Outlook widget, and how important it can be for the development of your day-to-day life.

These benefits are:

  • Thanks to the Outlook calendar widget, you can quickly and in detail view the daily schedule of your activities.
  • Allows you to check all the emails stored in the inbox, without having to enter the application.
  • Indicates the location of the events you have scheduled, as well as the respective notification or reminder.
  • Can sync it with Apple Watch, if you are a user of this operating system.
  • Using this tool, you will also be will make it possible to delete, move or archive the items found in your email inbox.

Learn how to activate an Outlook Widget on Android and iOS

In order to perform this procedure you must have the Outlook application installed on your mobile device, in addition to its respective update, in order to avoid some kind of inconvenience at the time of activation. So much Android like iOS They enjoy this element that generates many benefits to the users of this platform.

To activate the Outlook widget on your mobile phone, you must perform the following steps:

On Android

  • Locate yourself in the applications menu of your mobile, then press anywhere on the screen until the option “Widget “.

Install Outlook Widgeds on Android

  • Automatically it will take you to the section where all the available widgets are located, here search “Outlook Agenda“Or”Outlook inbox”And click on any of them.
  • One time have the widget selected, the system will transfer you to the desktop, where you must drop the tool in the place where you want to locate it.

Install Outlook Widgeds on Android

  • A pop-up window will appear, where are the settings established, enter your Outlook account details and press “Accept”.
  • Thus, you will have activated the Outlook widget on your mobile phone.

On ios

  • Login to the center of notifications.
  • Then press “Edit” for select Outlook widget on the device.
  • After will appear in the applications menu and will be available for your use.
  • Thus you will have activated the widget in the iOS operating system.

Best Microsoft Outlook Widgets for Mobile

The Outlook widgets on mobile help to quickly complement all the functions that this email offersFor this reason, you can choose between the tools that the platform has available and thus exploit its usefulness to the maximum. Now, each widget has a specific characteristic, having the possibility to choose the one you need.

The best Microsoft Outlook widgets for mobile are the following:

Outlook calendar widget

Outlook calendar widget on Android 11

East Widget allows you to add all the calendars that you have available, in this way you can have in a single section, a calendar for loved one’s birthdays, holiday calendar, business calendar, appointment calendar, and so all the ones you want to add. In this sense, you have the opportunity to change the size of the calendar as you see fit, and have better visibility of all the scheduled dates respectively.

Email widget

Mail widget in Outlook for Android 11

Through this widget you have the possibility to manage all the information that is in your mailbox, in the same way, you can observe all the messages received with their respective attachments, which will allow you to have a detailed organization of your account.

The main The advantage of this tool is that you will not need to login to your account to use the widget, since from the moment of activation you must insert your data from Outlook and everything will be configured and preset.