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How to send an anonymous SMS from the Internet for free? Step by step guide

How to send an anonymous SMS from the Internet for free? Step by step guide

As time passes, anonymity becomes one of the most relevant aspects in the Internet world . Since, more and more users are aware of the dangers that exist in the network around their privacy and therefore, they know the great importance of preserving it . Taking into account that unfortunately, malicious hackers and malicious people have many tricks at hand to violate information and personal data, in different ways .

In this sense, it is necessary to know that for people who love anonymity and seek solutions for it on the Internet, precisely in order to minimize their footprint in the network ; There has been a way to send anonymous messages and well, it is specifically a method to send an anonymous email to another user . Which, can be a great help to send an important message to a person but without knowing who you are or even, is very used to play funny jokes to other friends.

Only, this should not be used to share cruel messages, insult or hurt someone, as you could be tracked by your IP address. In short, for whatever reason, today we will show you the steps to follow to send a hidden or anonymous SMS via email . And additionally, we will detail some web tools that you can use for free, as well as other mobile applications that provide this assistance on both Android and iOS devices .

Steps to send a hidden or anonymous SMS from email

Pasos para enviar un SMS oculto o anónimo desde el correo electrónico

Perhaps, you will think that it is a difficult and even tedious procedure to be able to do this, but it is not so. That is why, we have done a detailed step-by-step step, so that you fully understand what you should do and then the process is as follows:

  • To start, you need to create a new email account and you can do it perfectly from Google Gmail , Yahoo , Outlook or some free service. This is implemented so that you do not have to use your personal account to easily reveal your data and well, it is important that when creating the new account, do not include any personal data .
  • Now, searches for the receiver’s phone number and this step is extremely important so as not to make mistakes. Therefore, verify your phone number well.
  • Now, once you confirm that phone number, you have to find out the mobile phone operator used by the person you want to send the SMS to . Whether Movistar, Vodafone, Orange, etc. Or if you reside in the US , some are: T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, etc. With which you can verify if these operators support the sending of a text message to the mobile through an email . And this you can know directly from its official website.
  • Subsequently, proceed to combine the user’s phone number with the email of your telephone operator . So, instead of sending a message to your email, make sure that arrives directly to your mobile as SMS .
  • So, click on “ New ”or“ Compose ”, just as if you were sending a common email. Now, in the box that says “ to: “, write the person’s phone number with their full digits and without spaces or hyphens. Now, depending on what you found on the mobile phone operator’s page, you have to choose the email template that they specifically use in these situations to share SMS . For example:
  • Finally, take care of writing the new email . That is, after copying the corresponding shortcut in the recipient’s part with your mobile number, copy the message you want to send and now, click on the button “ Send ” With just this, your contact will receive a completely anonymous SMS .

Now, if it is complicated to find the shortcut used by your mobile operator to perform this process , there is another trick that also makes it possible to send anonymous SMS by email.

The steps to follow for this are:

This is a trick that works perfectly in Gmail, Hotmail and Outlook ; which is supported by a service known as “ Blankstamp ” that allows sending SMS by email without leaving traces of your real address (even if you do it from your same mail). In addition, it has the advantage that the recipient can reply to the email and reach you directly in your inbox.


  • When entering , you must choose your favorite email platform and of course, on which you have an account.
  • Once you enter your email account, you have to proceed to modify the email address of the recipient in order to send the text message in incognito mode. Then, specify your friend’s email perfectly ( [email protected] , for example)
  • Now, open the window to compose a new message and in the receiver section, you will write the indicated email address along with the following shortcut: “ [email protected] ”. Once again, relies on the Blankstamp tool and the digits “ 007 ” alluding to James Bond, the secret agent.
  • To conclude, the other person will receive a message from a fake address , by passing through the Blankstamp filter which ensures not to reveal any identity. The only thing against it is that the person will know that he is receiving a camouflaged message with this service .

Better websites and tools to send anonymous SMS from the Internet

On the other hand, if you don’t want to rely on the previous method to send anonymous SMS, there are other solutions. One of them is make use of tools and web pages that are dedicated to this and reveal a good functioning , since they do not leave any record at all of the person who issued the text message.


Some of those with the best features are:


One of the main websites you can use to send an anonymous SMS is this, which allows you to share anonymous messages to all parts of the world . Thus, the only online platform with this great capacity, which is why it is estimated as one of the best solutions.

Taking into account that is also free , it gives you the possibility of sending an SMS to several numbers at the same time , in addition, it has an extremely dynamic option for send several text messages to different contacts , so it’s totally fast.

Among other features, the page offers you the alternative of displaying your registered business name when sending an SMS, if you wish. However, only supports messages with up to 160 words , it asks you for some personal documents so that the sender ID is accepted and in some countries, they may not allow you to show the sender ID .


This is another of the most famous platforms for sending anonymous text messages to other people, free and easy . In addition, it guarantees a completely fast service, with an assistance of 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to solve any inconvenience you have regarding the website .

In addition to this, is cross-platform and indeed, it can be used perfectly on mobile devices, computers or tablets. Being a totally reliable service.

It should also be noted that this website includes mass messaging, short code and long code, two-way SMS, voice calls and missed call checks . But, among its cons, we highlight that only has capacity for 145 characters and every 24 hours you can send an SMS this way.

This is another ideal solution to hide your identity when sending an SMS that luckily, does not add advertising to your messages , as other web platforms commonly do of this class.

Additionally, does not require you to register or log in to the website to send a text message , it also allows you to send free SMS, issues a real-time SMS delivery report and is a service that stands out for its high speed with respect to the message delivery system , at all times.

Now, contains a limit of 160 characters per message , it guarantees complete security and privacy. But, unfortunately, the messaging service of this tool is only available for phone numbers in India . Which means you won’t be able to share SMS with people who don’t have a phone number from this country.


Refers to another of the most used anonymous online messaging services in the world . Mainly, because it allows sending SMS completely for free and presents support for almost all cell phone providers in Spain, the United States, Canada and many other countries that you can check on their official website.

Also, the platform is responsible for not storing any information sent through its site , so it guarantees absolute anonymity and privacy. It also allows a maximum of 300 characters and you can send SMS to all parts of the world .

In short, does not track the IP addresses of its users and issues a completely fast service, since it ensures that in just moments, the recipient will be reading your sent SMS . In addition, since 2016, it presented a new function that allows to send anonymous messages directly from WhatsApp , since it is one of the most used instant messaging apps. That has been considered one of its greatest advantages over other websites of this type.



It is one of the solutions that supports the greatest number of characters, given that allows sending text messages with up to 500 words and other characters included . As well as the other alternatives, this website also allows you to send SMS in complete anonymity and free of charge . In addition, it is very fast, so the message you share will be delivered in real time and thanks to this, it is considered that its operation is quite optimal.

Highlighting other features, Bollywoodmotion does not include advertising to your text messages , presents an easy-to-handle platform and guarantees absolute privacy based on all the information you share through the platform However, it is a service that can only be used with phone numbers from India .


To end these alternatives, it is also recommended that you use Textem. Since, this web platform ensures an easy, simple, free service and even has a section of updates and news that allows all users to be informed about what they do within the page web.

It also has an excellent option that allows you to receive SMS replies to an inbox that shows the same site . So it can be a very effective solution. For its part, in addition to working for anonymity, it has security tools with which the platform protects all the information you manage from the site.

Additionally, supports a total of 155 characters s, it is unlimited to be able to send the SMS you want during the day, allows to send and receive MMS messages and for more details , it has a section through which you can manage all the contacts to which you usually send text messages .

Best apps for sending anonymous and free SMS for Android and iOS

If you are one of those who prefer to perform this type of action through your mobile phone or Tablet , there are also alternatives for Android and iOS.

Here, we present some of the best:



It is one of the most recognized mobile apps worldwide, which is and estimated as an excellent free Messenger service that fortunately, has the ability to send text messages or other messages in complete anonymity . Because, this application does not provide any indication of your name or identity. Therefore, is quite effective .

Thus, Snapchat has capacity only for 140 characters and just as you can send anonymous texts, you can also receive through this app In addition, it has the advantage that once the messages are shared, they will not be traced after some time. However, this is a solution that only works for Android devices .

Wickr Me

Wickr Me

Available in Google Play Store and App Store , this mobile application is an ideal solution for sending anonymous text messages and that, in addition, certifies complete privacy and privacy because each message issued is encrypted with a new key through advanced end-to-end encryption and in addition to this, the app has no access to your messages or your contact list.

Among other peculiarities, Wickr Me does not require any phone number or email address to register on the platform . It does not save any metadata linked to your communications, it contains a configurable expiration timer to set an expiration time in reference to the content of your messages and is free .



This is one of the best applications for Android and iOS, to send and receive text messages with complete privacy . First of all because, when issuing an SMS it does not reveal your identity and your messages are always kept private; which is why not even managers of the same application can access your data or private information.

Among other features, it is a good app because does not contain advertisements and also works as a kind of social network where you can meet new people directly , since More than 30 million people make use of this platform during each month. However, it should be noted that as a disadvantage, Whisper reveals a little slow operation .

Yik Yak

Yik Yak

Basically, it is an app that has been designed to know what other people might be thinking , since its operation is that users share their thoughts anonymously .

Since you can publish what you want without any fear of being discovered . It also exhibits a combination of text message capabilities and GPS technology, with the aim of ensuring that you only find people who are located near you.

For its part, it has more voted or less voted messages, which allow you to observe the most popular publications . But, unfortunately, this app has been the terror for many people, especially in Spain, because has an offensive potential that is very commonly used by cyber stalkers , as well as hackers with bad intentions that they gain access to user data, after tearing down the security layers of Yik Yak.



As another ideal solution to send messages in complete anonymity through an Android or iOS mobile or Tablet , we indicate you to use Burble that although it is a little famous app today, issues a good performance to achieve this type of anonymity .

In reference to the location or number of people to send an SMS, the app does not present any limitations and thus, fully guarantees that will not reveal your identity to the recipients .

In short, it is considered a application with great security in reference to its support , it is completely fast and free to use. Now, in terms of its disadvantages, the app does not present certain restrictions and because of that, you can even be seriously threatened by a stranger .

Mustache Anonymous Texting

Mustache Anonymous Texting

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